About Us

Hi, I'm Kelly; Mother and Esthetician who built a skincare brand on and around my family, who suffered from different skin conditions. My mother was already dealing with psoriasis and my two oldest boy were both diagnosed with eczema early on. At that time I was fine with them using the creams doctors prescribed to them.


But it wasn't till I had my youngest son, who doctor was honest and told us, yes the cream will work but it'll leave light patches where his flare ups occur. That was my AHA moment, and I went into full mommy mode to find natural alternatives which lead me to herbs, essential oil, butters; pure ingredients. I then begin research holistic healing and play around with different formulas. It was a lot of trial and error, months of failing until I got it right. When I seen what those products did to my family skin, I said I can help other moms. So I decided to enroll in school before I sell to consumer to ensure I understood the skin anatomy. Then KIC Skincare was born.


We pride ourselves in our products to provide the most natural, affordable, alternatives for your skin and body. It was important to me to create products the entire family can use and enjoy. Like I tell my Cutie Clan, you're already beautiful, We are here to just Keep It Cute.